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How to Get the Most Out of a Ski Trip

With winter weather making its presence known, many outdoor enthusiasts are itching to plan their next ski trip. Before you take off on your epic ski adventure, it is important that you plan your trip wisely. Here are three ways to get the most out of your ski trip so that you enjoy your time […]

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Hot springs in Oregon’s Outback

Photos and article By Greg Johnson, travel writer Summer Lakes Hot Springs is a rustic 145-acre resort in eastern Oregon featuring natural artesian hot mineral springs, cabins, campgrounds and nature trails. To get there, take a drive in Oregon’s Outback on Oregon 31 (turnoff hwy 97 just south of La Pine.) Oregon 31 gradually rises […]

Oregon Dunes

Saving the Oregon Dunes

Oregon coast

Oregon coast tourism growing

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Avoid winter driving kinks

AAA Washington anticipates making more than 14,500 roadside rescues during the end-of-year holiday travel season, with more than 5,000 of those calls requiring a vehicle tow. Other car troubles most likely to interfere with holiday plans include dead batteries, lockouts and flat tires. To avoid a kink in your holiday plans, AAA Washington recommends drivers […]

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Holiday buffet at Mount Ranier

Springfield eatery

A new Cornucopia

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Self-watering sprouts gardening success

Photo caption:  The Self-Watering Standing Garden’s large reservoirs maximizes the time between watering. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company By Melinda Myers Raised beds and containers expand our planting options. They allow us to grow edible and ornamental plants even where there is no plantable space to garden.  Use them to make planting, tending and harvesting convenient by bringing the garden to your back door. And fill them with pollinator-friendly plants to enjoy the colorful hummingbirds and butterflies that visit and flit past the window, deck and balcony. Their need for frequent watering may have discouraged you from growing in raised

Keep Houseplants Healthy While Keeping Pets Safe

Photo caption: Baby tears plant (Soleirolia) is safe for pets and should be grown in brighter light conditions. Photo credit:  Melinda Myers, LLC By Melinda Myers You love them both – your pets and houseplants – but it can be challenging to safely raise them together in the same house.  Reduce the risk by selecting pet-safe plants and safely managing houseplant pest problems. Avoid problems by selecting plants suited to your home’s growing conditions and gardening style. Then narrow the list further to plants that are non-toxic specifically to the type of pets you own. Consult with your veterinarian and visit the American
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Seattle: Museum Month Offers Big Savings

Every February, savvy travelers look to the Emerald City where big savings can stack up for arts and culture lovers of all ages with Seattle Museum Month Feb. 1-29. Travelers who stay at any one of nearly 60 participating downtown Seattle hotels receive 50 percent off admission prices to more than 40 museums and cultural institutions. February also historically offers lower rates for airfare to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and special hotel packages to entice winter travelers. “Seattle has a richly diverse and world-renowned collection of museums that draw people to our city year-round, but Seattle Museum Month offers unparalleled discounts for our
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Expand Your Edible Garden Indoors

Photo caption: Self-watering planters like the Gardener’s Revolution Light Garden make it easy to successfully grow a variety of greens or other edibles indoors. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company By Melinda Myers No matter the season, size of your garden or climate, you can inject homegrown flavor into your meals. Just clear a shelf, countertop or windowsill and get busy planting herbs, greens and even tomatoes to enjoy year-round. For quick results, grow microgreens. These nutrient packed edibles are ready to harvest in as few as 10 days. Plant microgreen seeds in a quality potting or seed starting mix. A

Top Trip Tips for Exploring a New Place

One of the pleasures of becoming a senior is finally having the time to travel. Taking vacations to new places can add excitement to your golden years. Here are some handy tips that can make your excursion more exciting. Embrace Being Lost Think of traveling to someplace new as a grand adventure. When you get lost in a new place, it allows you to find areas that may be off the beaten path. Do not be afraid to wander around to get a real feel for the region. Ask questions about the local attractions when encountering the residents of the areas you

Look for whole grain foods at Bob’s Red Mill

Photos and Story by Greg Johnson, travel writer Bob’s Red Mill produces thousands of organic, whole grain products at its Milwaukie, Oregon manufacturing and distribution plants. Bob’s Red Mill is a leader in health foods throughout the United States. They utilize “Old World” technology stone grinding mills to grind its grains at a slow speed and cool temperature. Company officials say the process ensures the most nutritious and favorable parts of the whole grain remain. Visitors will find an amazing array of flours, cereals, oats, beans, seeds and gluten free products. You can sample Bob’s Red Mill products at its bakery, store and


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Is your website prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday mark the start of the Christmas shopping season in America, however less individuals than at any other time are arranging before enormous box retailers. Rather, they’re staying away from the groups and shopping on the web. In 2018, Cyber Monday was the greatest eCommerce deals day in U.S. […]

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Living Computer Museum appeals to all ages

What better way to say “I love you” to the nerdling in your life than to take them to Paul Allen’s  Living Computers: Museum + Labs. It’s a great outing for all ages and promises a great history lesson and lots of experimental time on computers. The museum has expanded and includes a new gallery […]

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Shoreline Solar Project hosts NW Solar Fest

The Shoreline Solar Project invites everyone to is join the solution at Shoreline Community College in Shoreline, Wash., for NW Solar Fest on Sat., July 23 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Join us in building a better future through sustainability, renewable energy, and common sense solutions. Established in 2004, Shoreline Solar Project is a […]

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TechFestNW Takes Over Portland April 25-26

Top 5 reasons to attend Portland’s TechFestNW: You won’t just see Portland, you’ll experience it. Treat yourself to activities such as guided brewery tours with business development pros, neighborhood meetups with industry leaders and urban hikes with hiring companies. Amazing Speakers. From virtual reality, to the Internet of Things, to autonomous vehicles. Pitch your company to a […]

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Portland TechFestNW Attracts Top Talent

Summer isn’t over until local IT people have attended TechFestNW which runs for one day only, Thursday Aug. 30, 2015, 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. TechFestNW is a two day celebration of tech at Revolution Hall in Portland, OR.  You can buy general admission tickets as single days or as a 2-day pass. TechFestNW Tickets are available […]