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How to Modify Your Travel Plans During COVID-19

If you had plans to take a trip this summer, chances are excellent that they were hijacked by the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be discouraging, especially if it’s a trip you’ve been planning for some time. Fortunately there are ways you can modify your travel plans. Your trip probably won’t look quite the same as […]


Obstacles to Achieving Your Perfect Backyard Garden

Spending time outside in the beautiful summer weather may have left you wanting to up your gardening game. But even with attentive care to your plants, certain obstacles like pests, weeds, and various wildlife may be standing in the way of your perfect backyard garden. Here are a few tips to help you out. Pests […]

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities That Will Keep You Busy While Social Distancing

Although you may agree with the reasons for quarantine and social distancing, that doesn’t make it easy to live with the new restrictions. Many people are just shutting themselves inside and waiting for the storm to pass. You can’t fault these individuals for being cautious, but staying inside all day can quickly result in cabin […]

Health and Fitness

What You Should Know Before Cooking Meat for Dinner

Meat preparation is often the best way to get delicious results from a dish. As beef and pork, especially, become leaner due to consumer demand, people seek to add more flavor and tenderness. Chefs like you also seek to heed food safety tips to avoid hazards that can come from improperly cooking and handling meat. […]


3 Business Principles That Can Actually Improve Your Personal Life

People say you should always have a personal life outside of your company or startup, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply certain business principles to your life. A lot of them can help you break harmful habits, reach your goals, lower your stress levels and even have a significant positive impact on your personal […]


New Sports You Should Try Out on the Water

Staying active is an important part of a healthy aging plan. Adults who remain active, even as they move into old age, stay healthier, stronger, and more mentally alert than those who remain sedentary. Getting a regular exercise routine into your schedule can even help you live longer! Improving your quality and length of life […]


How Making Green Energy Profitable Is Key to Environmental Sustainability

It may not be a coincidence that money is that same color as green energy. Focusing on profit could be the answer to both saving our environment and saving cold, hard cash. Why We Should Focus on Profit In a capitalist economy, the bottom line always has to be considered. Focusing on profit in green […]