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Tips for Seed Starting Success

Caption:  Paper pot makers make it easy to transform newspaper into biodegradable plant pots that are perfect for starting seeds. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company by Melinda Myers You created your wish list, ordered some or all of the seeds you will need, and they are beginning to arrive.  Make the most […]

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Environmental groups make strides to more diversity

Caption: The big environmental groups may have been a little slow off the starting blocks when it comes to cultivating diversity within, but they are working on it. Credit: Clay Banks, Unsplash. Dear EarthTalk: What if anything are environmental groups doing to increase the diversity of their own staffs and boards? — Jake S., Queens, […]

Gardening calender
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Increase your success with a Garden Calendar

Caption: Check the back of the seed packet to determine when to start seeds indoors and when to move the transplants into the garden. Photo credit: by Melinda Myers Ringing in the New Year is filled with resolutions that usually involve dieting and exercise.  Gardening is a great way to help accomplish those two resolutions, while […]

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Dos and Don’ts of RV Buying

Caption: Taking delivery – plan time for the dealer to perform PDI Written by Dave Helgeson Editor’s note: The following article is reprinted with permission from the Northwest RVing Blog hosted by MHRV (Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle) Show Association. Most people thinking about buying their first RV typically visit an RV show (or two) […]

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Winter Care for Houseplants

Cutline:   Moon Valley Pilea is a moisture-loving plant that prefers high humidity but will tolerate average home humidity. Photo credit: by Melinda Myers Holidays are filled with new plants and decorations that often find our houseplants relegated to any out of the way available space. Be sure to keep your houseplants looking their best […]

Bird cage planters

Gardening Gifts that Provide Years of Enjoyment

Cutline:  Bird cage planters add whimsy to outdoor or indoor décor while providing a unique place to display air plants, seasonal plants and more. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company by Melinda Myers The popularity of gardening is at an all-time high and people are discovering its many benefits. Some want to grow […]

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Check out these Instagram eco feeds

Caption: Instagram is helping turn our cell phones into portals to activism on behalf of the planet. Credit: Jeremy Levin, Pexels. Dear EarthTalk: What are the best Instagram feeds to follow lately if I’m into environmental activism and fighting climate change? — Bill S., New Orleans, LA It’s amazing how dominant Instagram has become in […]

Volcanic rock structure

Rock your world at Fort Rock Natural Area

Photos and Story by Greg Johnson, travel writer The fortress-like rock walls of Fort Rock loom over the surrounding flat, barren landscape. Fort Rock, located about 70 miles southeast of Bend, was formed an estimated 70,000 to 100,000 years ago when basalt magma rose to the bottom of an ancient lake. Hot lava and […]

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“The Escape” By Northwest artist Andrea Traphagen

Andrea Traphagen paints her original watercolors and acrylics in vibrant hues…taking you from fantasy worlds to old world to current times. With the stroke of a brush and a vivid imagination, Andrea’s paintings transform you into a world of mermaids, dragon flies and old growth forests. She has created an impressive array of art depicting […]

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Forest council faces criticism

Caption: These logs are culled from an FSC-certified forestry operation in Sandakan on the northeast coast of Malaysia. Credit: Angela Sevin, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: Why are environmental advocates down on the Forest Stewardship Council, given its mission to eliminate unsustainable forestry? — M.P., Raleigh, NC Environmentalists, indigenous people and others exploited by logging in developing […]