3 Relaxing Activities That Are Better Outdoors

The fall is coming, and the heat of summer is slowly leaving, with pleasant weather headed towards your doorstep. Now that you won’t pass out from 115 degree noontimes, there’s a lot more options for outdoor fun! What are some relaxing activities which are much better outdoors? Reading If you have a soft and comfortable […]


How to Start Getting Serious About Gardening

If you are looking into gardening as a hobby, you’re not alone. Many Americans have discovered this beautiful and rewarding pastime. Gardening brings you closer to nature, and can actually lower your blood pressure as you work in the cool soil. But if this isn’t something you’ve tried before, it’s important to think ahead about […]

Purple lavender

Tips for drying flowers

Caption:  Lavender dries relatively quickly and retains the best color when dried in a low humidity, dark location. Photo credit:  Melinda Myers, LLC By Melinda Myers Enjoy and share the beauty of your flower garden all year long.  Pick and dry a few flowers to use in flower arrangements, craft projects or as gifts for […]

red and blue pandemic chart
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Americans cut driving in half during pandemic  

Caption: Mean Daily Number of Trips Made by U.S. Residents Aged 16+, by Month, July 2019–December 2020. Editors note: The following article supplied by AAA Washington. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s new American Driving Survey (2020) provides compelling month-by-month data detailing the drastic drop in U.S. road travel during COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, such as […]

Water pouring into glass

Is our drinking water safe?

Caption: Contaminated drinking water is a problem from coast-to-coast, and could be the next big public health crisis facing the United States. Credit: Pixabay. Dear EarthTalk: What are the main contaminants we have to worry about in our drinking water? How can we know if we are being exposed and what can we do about […]

Lush garden
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Gardens, dining, boats…find it in Gig Harbor

Caption: Gig Harbor garden tour. Photo credit: Travel Tacoma Gig Harbor is steeped in maritime history with boat building and commercial fishing playing a major role in the development of the area. The small town is also an an agricultural center, logging and lumber area and Native American fishing grounds. In 1950, the historic Narrows […]

Cicada with red eyes
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Researchers say climate change may cause Early cicada bloom

Caption: Some cicadas have been “blooming” early and researchers think global warming is to blame. Credit: Michael Kropiewnicki, Pexels. Dear EarthTalk: Are the cicada blooms of the eastern U.S. out of whack due to global warming and/or other man-made environmental problems?— Joe R., Moorestown, NJ The short answer is…probably. If you live in the eastern […]


3 Great Reasons to Change Careers

There comes a time in every life when you have to make some kind of career change. Sometimes what a person chooses in their twenties is just not the best option for them in their thirties or forties! The amazing thing is, that’s OK. You can get continuing education and switch careers at any point […]

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New Oregon map shows status of popular recreation areas

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon’s Natural and Cultural Resources Recovery Task Force released an interagency status map in March to help the public navigate the status of popular recreation areas impacted by the 2020 wildfire season. The September 2020 wildfires swept through approximately 1.3 million acres of land in Oregon across multiple jurisdictions. Many of these […]

Green potted plant

Tips for Seed Starting Success

Caption:  Paper pot makers make it easy to transform newspaper into biodegradable plant pots that are perfect for starting seeds. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company by Melinda Myers You created your wish list, ordered some or all of the seeds you will need, and they are beginning to arrive.  Make the most […]