Lady beetle on leaf
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Managing insects on vegetables and herbs

Caption:  Lady beetles are one of the good guys, helping to control populations of aphids and other harmful insect pests in the garden. Photo credit: by Melinda Myers Homegrown fresh vegetables not only taste better; they are more nutritious. Plus, you can control what products are applied to the plants to control insect pests […]

tomatoes on vine
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Garden-fresh vegetables help fight cancer

Caption:  Tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits, including lowering the risk of certain types of cancer. Photo credit: by Melinda Myers Cancer prevention starts on your dinner plate; actually, it starts in the garden. Growing your own nutrient-rich cancer fighting vegetables allows you to grow pesticide-free vegetables, harvest them at […]

old flour mill
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Historic Eagle Point to grist again

A Southern Oregon treasure (albeit, undiscovered by many) is the Butte Creek Mill located in Eagle Point. Beginning operations in 1872 and on the National Register of Historic Places, the Butte Creek Mill was the last water-powered grist mill, still commercially operating, this side of the Mississippi. That was until an accidental fire tragically burnt […]

Green plant
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Grow Edamame for Better Health and Nutrition

Caption:  Edamame pods are ready to harvest when they are plump, green, rough, and hairy. Photo credit: By Melinda Myers Add a bit of fiber to your garden and diet.  Consider growing edamame (edible soybeans) in this year’s garden. Soybeans help promote overall health reducing the risk of high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and […]

Bee on flower
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Bee lawns gain popularity

Caption: Planting different types of tiny flowering plants among grass stalks is a great way to attract bees and other pollinators that help keep our farms productive and our produce aisles well-stocked. Credit: Simon, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: What is a “pollinator lawn” and how can I make one in my backyard?— Jane W., Westbrook, CT […]

Yellow leafed plant
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Spring flowering shrubs add burst of garden color

Caption:  This Show Off® forsythia signals early spring for many with its showy, bright yellow flowers and slight fragrance. Photo credit: by Melinda Myers Add a burst of color to the start of the garden season with spring flowering shrubs. Small or large, these beauties add color, support pollinators, and help attract birds to […]

watering a straw garden
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Create a garden anywhere with straw bale gardening

Caption:  The straw bale gardening technique begins with the conditioning process which is done to start the inside of the straw bale composting, so it can support plant growth. by Melinda Myers Add productive garden space and raise your planting bed with straw bale gardening. This technique allows you to create a raised bed garden on the […]

Water bottle watering flowers
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Vacation care for container gardens

Caption: Water or wine bottles can be combined with commercial products to help regulate the flow of water to container gardens while away on vacation. Photo credit:  photo courtesy of by Melinda Myers Planning a few long weekends or a vacation may have you rethinking your garden plans. Don’t let time away from home stop you […]

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Home Improvements That Will Help You Spend More Time Outdoors

Spending time outside is an important part of your physical and mental health. But, with a busy life, it can be hard to find the time or the energy to drag yourself out of the house. If you want to spend some more time outside, you could consider investing in these home improvements. These additions […]

RV winter camping
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New Ways to Explore Washington State Parks

Caption: Winter Camping at Millersylvania State Park Written by Dave Helgeson Editor’s note: The following article is reprinted with permission from the Northwest RVing Blog hosted by MHRV (Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle) Show Association. The MHRV Show Association, producers of the annual Seattle RV Show, Puyallup RV Show and Enumclaw RV Show have enjoyed supporting Washington State Parks for […]