Arbor landscape
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Landscape Structures Provide Function and Beauty

Photo caption:  Arbors can provide a beautiful framework and vertical gardening space for pole beans, melons, or squash in food gardens or serve as a support to climbing roses and flowering vines in garden beds. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company By Melinda Myers Incorporate arbors, trellises and other structures into your designs […]

Woman watering plants
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Self-watering sprouts gardening success

Photo caption:  The Self-Watering Standing Garden’s large reservoirs maximizes the time between watering. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company By Melinda Myers Raised beds and containers expand our planting options. They allow us to grow edible and ornamental plants even where there is no plantable space to garden.  Use them to make planting, […]

Tomato plant
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9 Garden Planning Tips

Photo caption: Celano is a patio type grape tomato that produces sweet oblong fruit. Photo credit:  All-America Selections By Melinda Myers We’ve all done it…gotten overzealous in spring and overplanted or planted the wrong varieties for our tastes and needs. Make this the year you plan your garden for the best return on your investment. […]

Houseplant watering
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Water your way to garden success

By Melinda Myers Too much of a good thing can mean death for indoor plants. Overwatering is a good example of this and a common problem for indoor gardeners. For others it’s the opposite extreme, allowing plants to go too dry. Knowing when to water your indoor plants can increase gardening success and eliminate the […]