Electric plane
Environment Technology

Electric drive planes on the horizon

Classic Caption: Eviation’s all-electric Alice airplane Israel’s Eviation can fly for an hour on a battery charge with zero emissions. Dear EarthTalk: You hear a lot about electric cars and trucks these days, but has there been any carbon-saving innovation lately in trains and even planes?— Michael C., Summit, NJ Many environmentalists consider travel an […]

Rain barrel resize
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Put rainfall to use with rain barrels

Classic Caption: Elevate your rain barrel for easier access to the spigot for filling containers and to speed water flow with the help of gravity. Photo credit: photo courtesy MelindaMyers.com by Melinda Myers Put rainwater to use in your landscape with the help of rain barrels. This centuries old technique allows you to capture rainfall to […]

mountains in China
Environment Technology

China is taking ‘green strides’

Classic Caption: China is giving the world mixed signals about its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and meeting its Paris accord promises. Credit: Sam Lim, Pexels.com. Dear EarthTalk: I’m confused: Is China’s government committed to fighting climate change or just making the problem worse? — Paul J., Austin, TX In the wake of the global […]

pigs in pens
Environment Technology

Is methane capture from livestock good or bad?

Caption: Newer technology that has farmers and ranchers capturing methane from their livestock waste is better for the planet than not having it. Credit: Mark Stebnicki, Pexels. Dear EarthTalk: Is encouraging dairy farmers and cattle ranchers to capture methane gas from their livestock’s manure good or bad for the planet?— Phil Onorato, Pittsburgh, PA Methane […]

ozone hole
Environment Technology

Chemical ban is big win for environment

Caption: This visualization shows the hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole is getting smaller each year thanks to efforts by international negotiators back in the late 1980s. Credit: Stuart Rankin, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: Has anyone calculated the positive health and/or economic impacts of international efforts to protect the stratospheric ozone layer beginning […]

People watching blimp take off
Environment Technology

Blimps make a comeback

Caption: Believe it or not, blimps are making a comeback as a green short hop commuter travel option. Dear EarthTalk: Is blimp travel really making a comeback? Is it eco-friendly? – J. Roe, Islip. NY The blimp, forever besmirched due to the Hindenburg explosion in 1937—when one of the first commercial blimps caught on fire—never […]

solar panels
Environment Technology

Solar farms spark controversy

Caption: Solar farms may be the next battleground for environmentalists. Credit: Pexels. Dear EarthTalk: Has there been any backlash against the installation of rooftop solar panels or the development of big solar farms across the U.S.?— B. Jackson, Longmeadow, MA Incentives like the Solar Investment Tax Credit and increased affordability in the cost of solar […]

Automation at ESS
Featured Oregon Technology

Utility-scale platform to help build clean energy

ESS Tech, Inc. (“ESS,” “ESS Inc.”) (NYSE: GWH), a Wilsonville, Oregon manufacturer of long-duration batteries for utility-scale and commercial energy storage applications, announced recentlythat it has entered into an agreement with Portland General Electric (PGE) in Oregon to test and demonstrate the ESS Energy CenterTM platform. The 3 MWh Energy Center is expected to come […]

space station
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Bezos envisions moving polluters to outer space

Bezos envisions moving polluters to outer space Caption: Artist concept of 3D printing with cementitious materials on the Moon. Credit: Greg Trent, Surface Construction. Dear EarthTalk: Is so-called “Off-Earth Manufacturing” really the environmental panacea that Jeff Bezos and other proponents say it is?  — M. Traney, Smithfield, RI In July 2021, Richard Branson rocketed into suborbital […]

black and white dog saves wildlife
Environment Technology Washington

Conservation dogs help endangered wildlife

Caption: “Pips” of Rogue Detection Teams was able to find larvae and larval poop of the endangered checkerspot butterfly for the Forest Service in Washington State in 2019. Credit: U.S. Forest Service- Pacific Northwest Region, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: What are conservation dogs?— Jon Gretcham, Portland, OR Simply put, conservation dogs are canines specially trained in […]