School buses

Greener buses on horizon

Research shows that replacing or retrofitting dirty old diesel school buses can reduce the pollution inhaled by students significantly and can even lead to better health and higher standardized test scores. Credit: madame.furie, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: I’ve heard that school buses cause a lot of pollution, especially for the kids riding inside. Is anyone making […]

Purple flower
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Bring in the Birds with these flowers

Photo caption:  After surviving brutal winter and summer conditions, Echinacea Sombrero® Baja Burgundy, a 2020 All-America Selections winner, continued to produce flowers midsummer to frost during a three-year plant trial. Photo credit:  photo courtesy of All-America Selection. by Melinda Myers Fill your gardens with beautiful plants that produce an abundance of seeds the birds will […]


Can sprinkling dust prevent climate change?

Photo caption: Harvard scientists with funding from Bill Gates want to launch some research balloons over the American Southwest to test their hypothesis that releasing dust into the stratosphere could counter global warming and keep our environment from overheating. Credit: SCoPEx. Dear EarthTalk: Is the plan to sprinkle dust in the stratosphere to reflect some […]

Fried chicken
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Support Our Northwest Businesses!

Photo Caption: Ezell’s Famous Chicken continues to serve fresh, mouth watering dishes throughout the Pacific Northwest. The coronavirus crisis will dramatically affect the Pacific Northwest economy.The trade war has already harmed Oregon and Washington’s economy…and COVID-19 is now threatening jobs, air travel, restaurants, small businesses and pretty much the entire economy. Financial experts are predicting […]

Blooming flower
Featured Northwest Lifestyles Outdoor Activities

Photographer is passionate about Northwest

Photo caption: Blooming colors illuminate Jake Bestgen’s “Stargazer” image. Photographer Jake Bestgen is passionate about capturing his many Pacific Northwest landscape and floral arrangements. “Until just recently, my work has remained in the archives of my computer,” says Bestgen, a Vancouver, Washington resident. “I recently decided to print and frame some of my photos and […]