Portrait of inside passage
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Juneau sets sight on becoming ‘epicenter for Indigenous art

Caption: Inside Passage by Michaela Goade Juneau’s Indigenous artists make big waves with their talents and are recognized for uplifting their culture through a variety of mediums. In fact, Alaska’s capital is poised to become an “epicenter for Indigenous art,” complementing Sealaska Heritage Institute’s goal for Juneau to become the “Northwest Coast arts capital of the world” […]

Candles and flowers
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Manage Mosquitoes to Better Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

Caption:  Scatter citronella oil and candles throughout outdoor entertainment areas and within a few feet of guests for short-term relief from mosquitoes. Photo credit:  MelindaMyers.com by Melinda Myers Dine, play, and enjoy your outdoor spaces more than ever this year by managing annoying and disease-spreading mosquitoes. Use a multifaceted approach to boost your enjoyment and […]

Packaged chocolate candy
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Explore exotic chocolates at Southeast Portland shop

Cloudforest, located in Southeast Portland, produces a wide range of chocolate bars, ranging from “Orchid,” made with house-made vanilla extract to “GOMA,” a grey chocolate bar made with black sesame seeds that tastes like white chocolate. Cloudforest also serves delicious freshly-baked cookies using their chocolate, as well as coffee drinks and seasonal hot chocolates. In […]

Mountain with snow
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New Oregon map shows status of popular recreation areas

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon’s Natural and Cultural Resources Recovery Task Force released an interagency status map in March to help the public navigate the status of popular recreation areas impacted by the 2020 wildfire season. The September 2020 wildfires swept through approximately 1.3 million acres of land in Oregon across multiple jurisdictions. Many of these […]

Mold on lawn
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Post Winter Care for Your Lawn

Caption:  Snow mold appears as circular areas of matted brown grass sometimes found with gray or pink cobweb-like growth over these areas. Photo credit:  MelindaMyers.com by Melinda Myers As winter gives way to spring take a walk around the yard. Check the lawn for damage and provide a bit of early season care to help […]

Cross country skiers
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Ski scenic groomed trails on Mt. Bachelor

Nordic Sports Director Bob Mathews founded the Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center in 1975 by overseeing construction of a modest pair of looping trails with all of 7 kilometers of snowmobile-groomed trails. The then diminutive Nordic program was rounded out by a 150-square-foot rental and lesson department squeezed into a corner of the main lodge. Through […]

Colorful earth model

Climate models help predict climate change trends

Caption: The paint-like swirls of this visualization from Los Alamos National Laboratory depict global water-surface temperatures, with the cooler temperatures designated by blues and warmer temperatures by reds, as delineated by recent climate modeling efforts. Credit: Los Alamos National Laboratory, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: How does climate modeling work? What is the state-of-the-art in the field […]

Metal raised bed
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Expand Your Planting Space

Caption Some raised beds have built-in water reservoirs to extend the time between watering. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company by Melinda Myers When your plant list is longer than the available gardening space it is time to expand your planting options. Create new gardening space by adding raised bed gardens, elevated planters, […]

Two bobcats
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NW Trek bobcats become buddies

Bobcats Tanner, 8, and Tahoma, 4, are getting along so well, they are now able to share the bobcat habitat at Northwest Trek together! Tahoma arrived at Northwest Trek in 2020, after being raised illegally as a pet. Since his arrival, keepers have slowly introduced the two cats to each other, first just visually through […]

Bumblebee on red flower

Climate change speeds bumblebee decline

Caption: American bumblebee numbers have fallen by 89% over the last two decades across the U.S., and conservationists want the Biden administration to add this little flying stinger to the Endangered Species List. Credit: James Johnston, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: How are bee population numbers doing these days?– B. Turner, via e-mail Whether you’ve noticed it […]