Arbor landscape
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Landscape Structures Provide Function and Beauty

Photo caption:  Arbors can provide a beautiful framework and vertical gardening space for pole beans, melons, or squash in food gardens or serve as a support to climbing roses and flowering vines in garden beds. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company By Melinda Myers Incorporate arbors, trellises and other structures into your designs […]

Fracking operation

Is fracking causing earthquake ‘swarms’?

Photo caption: Fracking activity is causing “swarms” of man-made earthquakes across Oklahoma and other parts of the Midwest and South. Credit: © Jbpribanic, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: Is there proof that fracking for oil and natural gas can by itself cause earthquakes? — James Mitchell, Hauppauge, NY Geologists used to believe that “fracking”—or hydraulic fracturing, the […]

Bioplastic sample

Biodegradable plastic helps reduce toxics

Photo caption: If we can get production costs down, there’s no technical reason not to replace conventional petroleum-based plastics with biomass-based biodegradable varieties. Credit: Doug Beckers, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: What are suitable materials for making biodegradable plastic besides corn and sugarcane? Is pineapple or peanut suitable? — Yu Hong Yap, Malaysia Biodegradable plastic is defined […]

Woman watering plants
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Self-watering sprouts gardening success

Photo caption:  The Self-Watering Standing Garden’s large reservoirs maximizes the time between watering. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company By Melinda Myers Raised beds and containers expand our planting options. They allow us to grow edible and ornamental plants even where there is no plantable space to garden.  Use them to make planting, […]