Slow fashion models on runway

‘Slow fashion’ gaining ground

Caption: Ireland’s Avoca Handweavers have been making fashionable clothing items with the care and attention to detail nowadays associated with “slow fashion” since 1723. Credit: William Murphy, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: What is “slow fashion?” Does it relate to sustainability? – K. Lam, Taos, NM In the U.S., millions of shoppers pack clothing stores, excited to key […]

Bald Eagle

Bald eagle population growing rapidly

Caption: Bald eagles have come back from the brink of extinction in the Lower 48, but some wonder if there are too many of them around nowadays. Credit: Anthony, Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that we’ve done such a good job bringing back bald eagles that they’ve become pests now?— D. Maguire, Winston-Salem, NC It’s […]

supersonic jet in clouds

New wave of supersonic flight on horizon

Caption: United Airlines has committed to purchasing 15 of Boom Supersonic’s first commercial supersonic (SST) jet, the Overture. Dear EarthTalk: Are the new SST jets friendlier to the environment than the SSTs of the 1970s?­– P. Barnes, Midlothian, TX Nearly 20 years have passed since the last flight of the Concorde, the first supersonic passenger-carrying commercial […]

real hand and ai hand

Environmentalists turning to Artificial Intelligence to help save nature

Caption: Environmentalists are increasingly turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help collect & analyze data that would otherwise overwhelm us. Credit: Sarah Winstead, Dear EarthTalk: How is Artificial Intelligence being used for conservation?— Katy P., Chevy Chase, MD You would never think that computers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help humans save nature, but in […]

Old faithful in yellowstone park

Climate change is harming America’s national parks

Caption: Yellowstone National Park, home of the Old Faithful geyser pictured here at sunset, is one of the nation’s hardest hit when it comes to negative impacts from climate change. Credit: Roddy Scheer Dear EarthTalk: I’ve heard that U.S. national parks are disproportionately affected by climate change. Is this true, and if so, why?— Joseph Pearl, […]

red and blue pandemic chart
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Americans cut driving in half during pandemic  

Caption: Mean Daily Number of Trips Made by U.S. Residents Aged 16+, by Month, July 2019–December 2020. Editors note: The following article supplied by AAA Washington. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s new American Driving Survey (2020) provides compelling month-by-month data detailing the drastic drop in U.S. road travel during COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, such as […]

jars of trash

Easy ways to make your home climate friendly

Caption: This is all the landfill-bound trash generated by Bea Johnson’s family between 2011 and 2019. Credit: Zero Waste Home. Dear EarthTalk: What are some quick and easy ways to make my home more comfortable and climate-friendly?— Jane B., Tampa, FL While the coronavirus pandemic has been a serous blight on the world, we’ve all […]

Cicada with red eyes
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Researchers say climate change may cause Early cicada bloom

Caption: Some cicadas have been “blooming” early and researchers think global warming is to blame. Credit: Michael Kropiewnicki, Pexels. Dear EarthTalk: Are the cicada blooms of the eastern U.S. out of whack due to global warming and/or other man-made environmental problems?— Joe R., Moorestown, NJ The short answer is…probably. If you live in the eastern […]

Bee on flower
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Bee lawns gain popularity

Caption: Planting different types of tiny flowering plants among grass stalks is a great way to attract bees and other pollinators that help keep our farms productive and our produce aisles well-stocked. Credit: Simon, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: What is a “pollinator lawn” and how can I make one in my backyard?— Jane W., Westbrook, CT […]

Backyard wind turbine
Environment Technology

Backyard wind turbines seen as part of energy future

Caption:Backyard wind turbines could help us make the transition away from fossil fuels. Credit: Cowrin, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: You see a lot of people putting solar panels on their homes these days, but windmills not so much. Is there any future for small residential wind turbines as we transition to more renewable forms of energy?— […]