Exhilarating Activities That Should Be on Your Bucket List

Exhilarating Activities That Should Be on Your Bucket List

There are far more experiences to be had in the world than can possibly be taken on and conquered in a lifetime. One simply cannot do everything in the entire world; it is too vast, its adventures too varied and intense, and time is simply not available enough. Because of this, it is important that […]


Travel Activities That Should Be on Your Bucket List

Have you ever planned a trip to a great destination but then you’ve forgotten to plan fun activities? Travel activities can truly make or break your trip since nobody wants to be bored on vacation. If you’re looking for some fun destinations and activities, here are a few that should be on your bucket list. […]


Cities That Every Outdoors Lover Should Consider Moving To

From coast to coast, there are great places to live in the United States if you love the outdoors. Whether it is green forests and waterfalls you crave, or mountains and desert vistas, there is somewhere for everyone. If you love to spend time outdoors, consider moving to one of the following cities to enjoy […]


Overseas Destinations to Spend Your Second Honeymoon

Marriage milestones like anniversaries or vow renewals are great reasons to celebrate you and your spouse by going on a second honeymoon. If your first honeymoon had a smaller budget or you did not get to go on a honeymoon at all, you should take this opportunity to plan something special. Several destinations are perfect […]

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How to Modify Your Travel Plans During COVID-19

If you had plans to take a trip this summer, chances are excellent that they were hijacked by the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be discouraging, especially if it’s a trip you’ve been planning for some time. Fortunately there are ways you can modify your travel plans. Your trip probably won’t look quite the same as […]

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The Top 3 Sandals for 2020

Everyone loves shoes. They’re the unsung heroes of the wardrobe, looking good and keeping our feet warm and dry. But what about when the weather outside is already warm and dry? Then things start to take a turn, my friend. Your warm dry feet will very quickly become hot. And moist. Nobody wants that. What […]

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Photo Caption: A horse statue and other artistic pieces adorn downtown Sedona. Photos and Story by Greg Johnson, travel writer You slowly get into the “Zen” spirit as you drive the curvy road down Oak Creek Canyon to the touristy town of Sedona. Mountain bikers, hikers, artists, tourists and spiritual healers throng to Sedona for […]