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The Top 3 Sandals for 2020

Everyone loves shoes. They’re the unsung heroes of the wardrobe, looking good and keeping our feet warm and dry. But what about when the weather outside is already warm and dry? Then things start to take a turn, my friend. Your warm dry feet will very quickly become hot. And moist. Nobody wants that.

What if I told you there was something out there, some magical footwear that could combine the comfort and style of a shoe with the freedom and temperature control of not wearing a shoe? Well wonder no more because I’m here to tell you that such a thing really does exist, right here and now. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the sandal.

Best everyday sandal

BIRKENSTOCK Unisex Arizona Leather Sandal

It’s iconic for a reason. The Birkenstock Arizona Leather Sandal is quite possibly the greatest sandal ever made. Durable, comfortable, with its own vintage style, it’s a classic that’s stood the test of time. These sandals can last for years, even with everyday use. My own pair have endured torment and abuse beyond what any sandal should have to over the last five years, and I still wear them daily.

It should be noted that these sandals do have a break-in period, like many leather goods, and will require sufficient time and patience to reach their full potential.

Best outdoor sandal

Chaco Zcloud 2 Sport Sandal

Another brand that’s built a considerable following over the last few decades, Chacos are the perfect sandals to strap on and experience the great outdoors. These sandals are designed to last as long as you do, with a repair rather than replace philosophy. With their custom adjustable double-strap fitting and pillow-top comfort, Chaco sandals have been winning lifetime converts for over 30 years.

Ever versatile and sturdy beyond belief, these sandals are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast that’s looking for footwear that can do it all.

Best beach sandal

OLUKAI Men’s NUI Sandal
OLUKAI Women’s U’I Sandals

This really should come as no surprise to anyone that regularly wears sandals. Equally at home on the beaches of Kaua’i or at an exclusive date-night restaurant, these sandals live at the confluence of form and function. For over 15 years, OluKai has been the industry leader in beach footwear.

Made with top-grain leather and natural gum rubber outsoles, these sandals are some of the most comfortable and stylish you’ll ever encounter.

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