How to Protect Yourself While Gardening

Gardening is not a particularly dangerous task, but it does come with a few different challenges that you need to be prepared for. When you think about the various things you could encounter while gardening, you can see why having some protection is in your best interests. By protecting yourself in the garden you can […]


How to Experience More Culture in Your Life

Hometowns are wonderful. It’s the place where you have a family, where you experience day-to-day life – but ultimately, sometimes we want more. We want to experience more! See what the world has to offer! It might be time to branch out and try some new things outside of your comfort zone. Try New Foods […]


How to Spend More Time in Your Backyard

It can be easy to spend most of your time inside while at home. However, you are forgetting about all the space and benefits you get from having a backyard. To help you spend more time in your backyard you can make it beautiful, add more space, and create space for entertainment. Make it Beautiful […]

Outdoor Activities

Activities to Do When You Stay at a Cabin the Mountains

There really is nothing quite like getting away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. When you temporarily rent a cabin for a week or month, there is so much that you can see or do in the surrounding area! And it’s all beautiful. Here are some activities to get you started. Ride ATVs When […]


Pests That Can Ruin Your Lawn and What to Do About Them

A beautiful, well-kept lawn can absolutely define your curb appeal. However, there are many pests that can absolutely undo all the hard work you put into maintaining your lawn. These are a few of the most common pest problems you can have, and how to remedy them. Worms Earthworms can actually be highly beneficial to […]


Why You Should Take the Time to Clean Up Your Yard

Yard maintenance can be such a hassle. The time and tools it requires may be enough to deter you into procrastinating a landscape cleanup forever! However, making sure your yard is routinely maintained will help you in a variety of ways. Here are a few reasons you should take the time to clean up your […]