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How to Stay Comfortable While Camping

Camping is a dying trend, and we think that is a terrible shame. Camping brings you a connection to nature that cannot be matched any other way. Sleeping with nature, living in nature, and existing with nature for an extended time gives you a true appreciation for the earth that we are given. Camping can be a bit uncomfortable for some, especially when you get older. But there are ways to camp without discomfort preventing you from having a good time or enjoying yourself. Here are three tips to help you stay comfortable while camping.

Bring Warm Clothes

The first thing that you can do to stay comfortable while camping is to bring warm clothes with you. While it may seem like a simple and small thing, it is amazing how cold it can feel camping. And as we age, we tend to get colder more easily, which can require even more warm clothes to keep the chill away. Make sure you have plenty of jackets, coats, sweatshirts, pants, boots, long socks, etc. to keep warm at all times. While it may seem like a little thing, if you are camping and feeling chilly for three or four days straight, you will almost certainly get sick.

Keep Bugs Away

Another important step to take to stay comfortable while camping is to do your best to keep bugs away. When you are out in nature, you are a guest in nature’s world, and bugs are just a part of that world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to prevent pests like mosquitoes from invading your space while camping. Mosquitoes hate strong scents of basil and mint. You can create a natural mosquito repellent by using these ingredients and others to keep bugs away without spreading dangerous chemicals in the wild.

Bring a Good “Bed”

The last thing that you can do to stay comfortable while camping is to bring a comfortable bed setup. While you likely won’t bring a “bed” with you, unless you have a camper, you should depend on more than just a sleeping bag for the most comfort while sleeping. Even just layering blankets or padding underneath can ease the discomfort a bit while you sleep and are worth the effort.

Camping is a brilliant way to connect to nature. But it can be quite uncomfortable sometimes. However, if you take these three steps, you can guarantee yourself a better, more comfortable camping experience.

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