Obstacles to Achieving Your Perfect Backyard Garden

Spending time outside in the beautiful summer weather may have left you wanting to up your gardening game. But even with attentive care to your plants, certain obstacles like pests, weeds, and various wildlife may be standing in the way of your perfect backyard garden. Here are a few tips to help you out.


Garden pests come in many forms. A few of the most common insects you may find infesting your garden include: flies, slugs, beetles, and aphids. Addressing each of these individual pests could require a unique solution. For example, to more naturally control an aphid population, you could introduce a predator insect like ladybugs. For an approach that addresses a variety of pest problems at the same time, you can always turn to different forms of pesticides. Some organic pesticides even contain no chemicals while still killing unwanted pests—the perfect solution for eliminating pests from edible plants like fruits and vegetables.


You should also be aware of the common weeds that can spring up in your yard. Being aware of the specific weeds that come back time and again to your garden can help you know how to best address them individually. For some common weeds like dandelions and crabgrass, the best solution is often the preventative one. By mulching around plants, you can ensure that weeds are not able to take root in the first place. Additionally, using specific pesticides before weeds spring up can be another effective solution to eliminate weeds.


Ultimately, even with weed and pest control, your garden may still suffer from unwelcome visits from neighborhood critters. Depending on your location, you may find yourself dealing with migratory deer nibbling on your lettuce leaves to various birds who peck at your tomatoes. Often, the best way to prevent wildlife from ruining your garden is through creating effective barriers. If you have deer returning to your garden, you may consider placing a tall fence around your garden. When selecting this type of fence, it is important to carefully consider the fence’s height—deer can be known to jump over relatively high barriers. For bird problems, you could consider placing a removable wire mesh enclosure around targeted plants.

Unwelcome garden guests don’t have to destroy your backyard. When you identify the different types of pests, weeds or wildlife that are infesting your garden, you will be able to target them specifically and make your garden into the oasis that you want it to be. It may take time, but the improved aesthetic will be worth the effort.

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