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Creating Asian dumplings

Dim Sum is has long been a Chinese restaurant favorite, whether for take-out or eat in. In her new book “Dumplings All Day Wong” author Lee Anne Wong provides the basics of creating Asian dumplings as a snack, appetizer or entrée. Wong includes chapters which cover choosing the right dough and folding techniques, as well […]

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Do you know what causes cavities?

By Deb Nalty, MD You might know the basics about good oral health (floss, brush, avoid too much candy), but do you know that cavities are caused by germs?  Or that it is the frequency of snacking, not just the type of snack, that leads to decay? Oral health is an essential part of overall […]

Health and Fitness

Why Quality Carbs are your Friend

Health and nutrition trends go in and out at lightning speed. One recent trend was to completely drop carbohydrates from the old diet. Voila! Then, you would be skinny! Au contraire, it doesn’t work that easily, say the authors of a recent article in the ACE newsletter. You actually should eat some carbs to assist in your […]


Sugar production harming environment

Dear EarthTalk: I saw an article on sugar’s effects on the environment. Has anyone compared different sweeteners (artificial or natural) for their environmental impacts? — Terri Oelrich, via e-mail The production of sugar has indeed taken a huge environmental toll. “Sugar has arguably had as great an impact on the environment as any other agricultural […]