Book Something worth saving says Marriages Are Worth Saving

Jerry & Bettie Mitchell are celebrating 60 years of marriage. Despite the odds, the marriage survived. In 1952, Bettie was 17 when they dated and were married within three weeks before Jerry left to serve in the Korean War, stationed in Japan for two years. She tells the story in her recently completed book “Something Worth Saving” released on this year.old wedding photo
Bettie founded Good Samaritan Ministries in 1978 which continues to offer donation-based teaching and counseling in our community as well as in 32 countries around the world. Jerry & Bettie have been teaching couples about marriage, sex, and conflict resolution for the past 30 years as they gradually learned how to play on the same team. Bettie retired 3 years ago from serving as Executive Director of GSM to write books and spend time with family. Jerry retired from Beaverton School District as a Teacher and Substitute Teacher.
They have four children, Michelle Carter, Laura Sweitz, Jennie Mitchell, and Mohammad Bader and 9 grandchildren. “It is a great gift to see our parents, now spend quality time together, exercising at Harman Pool & the intimacy in the way they look into each other’s eyes. Jerry & Bettie’s greatest desire would be for you to learn and grow through life and for you to discover the true joy they have found,” said Jennie Mitchell who serves at GSM. Jerry & Bettie have been living in their same house in Beaverton for 52 years. They enjoy walking around the streets of Beaverton collecting bottles and cans to help support Widows & Orphans.
The couple overcame anger and emotional problems which led to many battles over the years. In 1968, Bettie went to the Holy Land and she was instantly healed in the Jordan River in 1968. Jerry went from worrying about money daily, to saying YES, when Bettie asked if she could quit her teaching job and “Teach Nothing but His Kingdom.”
Bettie tells the story in her recently completed book “Something Worth Saving” and this book will transform you from the inside out! Bettie declares: “It’s a miracle we made it. If you want your marriage to discover this joy, read the book and/or come to GSM, you might just meet up with the Mitchells.” The book, “Something Worth Saving,” is available to order online at
Bettie & Jerry will be celebrating with the community on:
Wednesday May 2nd from 6pm-9pm with potluck dinner at Bethel Congregational Church, 5150 SW Watson Ave, Beaverton, 97005. They will speak on the topic “Is Marriage Hard Work or Great Reward?”
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