Families sledding on small mountain
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It’s sledding time on Mount Rainier

Caption: Families enjoy sledding at Paradise

​The official Snowplay Area is the safest and only location that sledding is permitted in Mount Rainier National Park.

The Snowplay Area, marked by poles and ropes, includes a small sledding hill for small children. Only plastic and soft-sided sled devices may be used. Snowshoeing and skiing are not permitted. Pets are permitted only in the parking lot.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, visitors should recreate only with members of their household, wear a mask, and maintain social distance from other groups.

The Snowplay Area is located above the upper parking lot at Paradise, near the visitor center and Paradise Inn. Drive to Paradise and park, walk to the upper lot if necessary, and continue up the snow ramp on the uphill side of the parking lot.

Visitors should understand that weather and road conditions at Mount Rainier are likely to be very different compared to where they may be traveling from. While traveling up to Paradise, drivers will encounter unpredictable winter alpine weather and icy roads.

Visitors should start their planning with a review of the Mount Rainier Recreational Forecast. This local forecast provides the most timely and accurate information for weather at various elevations and locations in the park. Visit the park’s website for general information on safe winter recreation.