Mt. Bachelor–3,600 acres of skiable terrain

The summit of Mt. Bachelor  in Central Oregon tops out at 9,065 feet, with the lowest current lift-served elevation at 5,700’ – producing a total vertical descent of 3,365’ (one of the biggest in the United States).  Within the boundary ropes are well over 3,600 acres of skiable terrain.
Treeline on Mt. Bachelor starts around 7,500’, giving more than 1,500 vertical feet of above-treeline terrain. Depending on where the ski patrol has set the “catch line” to return guests to the base area, one can ski or ride from the summit towards any point on the compass.
Soils are thin on the mountain, and the climate in the Cascades concentrates most of the annual precipitation in the form of snow. As a result, trees – mostly lodgepole pine and mountain hemlock – are hardy and widely spaced, with several swaths of Old Growth stands.
This results in what is arguably the best tree skiing in North America. As long as you stay within the boundaries, few places are off limits – or inaccessible.
Those trees are an added advantage during major snowstorms. Mount Bachelor’s location and shape rips plenty of snow out of the sky – and the summit lift is generally closed for visibility reasons during major dumps. The trees provide expert snowriders with plenty of challenge when that happens.
The steepest terrain is near the summit, mellowing out in overall pitch as you descend. This allows developing skiers and riders to find plenty of terrain near the base of the mountain, more experienced skiers to enjoy a wide variety of terrain mid-mountain, and keeps experts happy up top.
Natural undulations resulting from volcanic activity are found at every elevation, resulting in wonderful natural terrain features and runs that dance down the mountain.  The lava funnels off the top of the summit create unique natural winter features and numerous ‘snow waves’ for people who like to play with the terrain.
Mt. Bachelor is served by 13 lifts, including 7 express quads, so there’s plenty of speedy transportation to all that amazing terrain. The ski area also offers tubing and cross-country skiing on 56 km of trails.
About Mt. Bachelor: Mt. Bachelor is the largest ski resort in the Cascade Range, offering 3,683 acres of lift-accessible terrain. The mountain features 10 lifts, seven of which are Express Quads, plus two tubing lifts and two beginner carpets and an average annual snowfall of 462 inches. Mt. Bachelor also features 5 terrain parks, a superpipe, 56K of groomed and tracked cross country trails, snowshoeing, tubing, sled dog rides and summer attractions including downhill mountain biking. For weather conditions, news, and events visit