Kayakes on shore of lake
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Visit Mowich Lake for amazing views

Mowich Lake in the Mount Ranier National Park is a scenic, clear body of water with views of amazing vistas.

The lake campground, accessible via an unpaved section of State Highway 165, has 10 walk-in only campsites with picnic tables, tent platforms and food storage locations to keep wildlife away.

The lake is a good base for hiking on Mount Rainier trails including the 93-mile Wonderland Trail, a six-mile round-trip hike to Tolmie Peak Lookout, and Eunice Lake, which is surrounded by amazing vertical rock and alpine meadows. The trail from the Eunice Lake takes you to the lookout where hikers can see views of Ptarmigan Ridge, the North Mowich Glacier and the Willis Wall.

Another hike from Mowich Lake campground takes you to Spray Falls where you will view North Mowich Glacier.