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Yoga DVD targets belly, butt, thighs

Belly, butt, and thighs are typically the three areas of the body women complain about most – and the hardest to target.
With her new yoga DVD from Gaiam – Yoga for Belly, Butt and Thighs Chrissy Carter, a senior yoga instructor, teacher trainer, mentor, and anatomy teacher at Yoga Works in New York City, leads viewers through four practices that target these trouble zones:

  • Belly (15 minutes) – Burn belly fat while strengthening and toning the midsection.
  • Butt (20 minutes) – Lift, strengthen, and sculpt the glutes with poses and micro-movements specifically designed to work all areas of the backside.
  • Thighs (20 minutes) – This thigh-sculpting routine will lengthen, strengthen and tone thighs and lower legs.
  • Total Body Tone (20 minutes) – Rev up the metabolism strengthen the core, which in turns helps work all other muscle groups with this toning practice that delivers full-body results.