Building a carousel dream in Albany

The Albany Carousel was made possible by private donations and volunteers who helped create the restoration of an historic 1909 Dentzel Carousel over 15 years.

Though the framework is all original, each rideable creature— from a giraffe to a mermaid-horse to a giant bunny—is new and hand-carved by (amateur) volunteers from the community. The Carousel has already attracted more than 150,000 visitors since its August 15, 2017 opening.

Carousel founder Wendy Kirbey had a dream to bring a carousel to Albany in 2002. She attended a downtown revitalization meeting and someone mentioned that our downtown needed an anchor, a destination. Wendy thought “why not a carousel?”  Carousels have always been special to Wendy. They are a place were people of all ages and abilities can check their cares at the door and, for a few minutes, find some joy. 

People throughout the community came together, raised funds, donated skills and resources, and gave their time to build the carousel. Fast forward 15 years and on August 15, 2017, the world-class tourist destination, community hub, and downtown anchor opened its doors.

This carousel consists of 52 animals including a seven foot plus tall giraffe, dogs, cats, zebras, unicorns, dragons, lions, tigers and bears.