Go Natural with Your Yard

Our yards are our outdoor homes: fun, beautiful, great spaces for relaxing. But in taking care of them, we often use water inefficiently, produce a lot of yard waste, and overuse chemicals that are bad for the environment and our families’ health. The good news is, by making some simple changes in how we care […]

Health and Fitness

Eating Healthy on a Budget

By Akilah C. Thompson Tired of the grocery bills being in the triple digits because of your healthy eating lifestyle?  Well, this stops today because eating healthy on a budget is possible and definitely affordable. When it comes to eating healthy, everyone automatically thinks organic and dollar signs, however, there are many ways to eat […]


California's Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Law

EarthTalk® E – The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: Three regions in California recently implemented transportation plans as part of a statewide strategy for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Can you explain? — Bill Oakes, Reno, NV Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about global warming even as Washington politicians continue to debate whether or not to mandate […]


Trying to decide when to retire?

It’s never too early to start thinking about your retirement. When you do, one of your first questions may be, “When’s the best time to start receiving retirement benefits?” There’s no one “best age” for everyone and, ultimately, it is your choice. You should make an informed decision about when to apply for benefits based […]


Globetrotting teacher’s tales of travel

Some teachers teach without ever having left the classroom. Larry “Jungle” Shortell is not one of those. In his day job, Shortell teaches special education in Enfield, Conn. But he spends his summers traveling. He has explored all 50 states, all seven continents, all the oceans and more than 80 countries. “Without a doubt, to […]