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Eat your berries

Wild berries are abundant throughout the Pacific Northwest. In their book “Wild Berries of Washington and Oregon,” T. Abe Lloyd and Fiona Hamersley Chambers tell you where and how to find wild berries, when they are in season, and how best to enjoy them. Lloyd and Chambers describe 200 berries and berry-like fruits, from the […]

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Best Spots for Storm Watching in Washington State

In an article in, writer Lauren Braden describes her top three picks for storm-watching in Washington State. She suggests storm season will not disappoint along the coast from November through March. 1. Chito Beach Resort | (360) 963-2581 | 7639 Hwy 112 in Sekiu, WA (MAP) Chito Beach sits on a basalt outcrop between Clallum […]


Train Travel Offers Easy Passage to Northwest Destinations

  Train Travel Offers Easy Passage to Northwest Destinations  The gratification of train riding in the Northwest is three-fold: Travel within the Northwest and British Columbia on sleek, newly-refurbished European-designed trains while you appreciate the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest on the Amtrak Cascades; see the Pacific Northwest in style with the Coast Starlight, […]


How to Grow Tomatoes in the Northwest

Transplanted from hot, old Missouri to the cool, wet Northwest 38 years ago, I have learned that it takes some extra doing to successfully grow tomatoes in the Northwest. It seems a big part of success is knowing what varieties to plant and when to plant. Here, Seattle gardener and “Rake & Make” blogger Lily […]