Dragon fly painting
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“Dragonia” by Northwest artist Andrea Traphagen

Caption: “Dragonia” by Andrea Traphagen Woodland, Washington artist Andrea Traphagen paints her original watercolors and acrylics in vibrant hues…taking you from fantasy worlds to old world to current times. With the stroke of a brush and a vivid imagination, Andrea’s vision takes you into a world of mermaids, dragon flies and old growth forests. She […]

A hedgehog
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How to rescue an injured animal

Photo caption: Hedgehogs are declining as humans increasingly invade their habitat. DIY Garden blogger Rachel Brown was determined to spread injured animal rescue information after helping to detangle a hedgehog caught in netting last year. Brown recently posted a comprehensive guide on what to do if you come across an injured animal outside. There are […]

Barn and Mount Adams
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Photographer’s passionate Northwest quest

Photo Caption: Jake Bestgen captures a brilliant image of rustic barn with  Mount Adams towering in the background. Photographer Jake Bestgen is passionate about capturing his many Pacific Northwest landscape and floral arrangements. “Until just recently, my work has remained in the archives of my computer,” says Bestgen, a Vancouver, Washington resident. “I recently decided […]