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Take Simple Steps to Boat ‘Green’

Take Simple Steps to Boat ‘Green’
With summer upon us marinas prepare for peak boating season around the country, now’s the time for boaters to gear up to ‘be green’ this summer. Choosing to be a responsible conservationist on the water not only positively impacts the environment, but can have a similar impact on your wallet.
The recreational boating industry continues to offer eco-friendly products, including electric and solar-paneled boats, greener engines and recycled accessories. has easy tips for every boater to become more environmentally-conscious this spring, including:
• Clean safely. Look for the EPA-Certified “Design for the Environment” DfE label, which identifies cleaning products that have minimal environmental impact and are safer for you and your family. You can find a list of eco-friendly products at
• Maintain proper equipment. Make sure your boat, engine and propeller are compatible and in good condition to avoid wasting fuel and minimizing emissions.
• Recycle waste. Dispose of paints, batteries, antifreeze, cleaning products, oil and other hazardous wastes at a waste collection facility. Some marine accessories stores even offer a $10 credit on a new battery when you return your used one.
• Reduce fuel consumption. Easily cut down on fuel usage by reducing cruising speeds, properly trimming, regularly tuning their engine, making sure the hull is clean and taking shorter trips.
• Prevent fuel spills. Ensure fuel does not discharge from the vent line as a result of overfilling by avoiding ‘topping off’ your tank. Stop ‘spit back’ from the fuel fill by fueling at a slow rate.
• Chart your course. Study your waterways to prevent boat propellers from damaging sensitive sea floor habitats or injuring marine life. Be fuel-efficient, use autopilot when possible.
• Recycle fishing line. Protect marine life by properly disposing of monofilament fishing line at nearby marine accessory stores and shore side recycling locations.
• Stow trash. Never dispose of garbage into the water. Take advantage of facilities on shore and at marinas to recycle plastic, glass, metal and paper.
For more tips and ideas on how to become a more eco-friendly boater and reduce fuel usage, visit 
What are your tips for boating green?